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Hi, I’m Kevin McQuade, an Award-Winning Concierge.

I Plan Extraordinary Trips to Charleston, SC that Will Blow Your Mind.

I’ll Tell You What To Do, What Not To Do,
and What You’re Missing.


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The Real Charleston, SC Isn’t In Your Guidebook

Most visitors only scratch the surface of Charleston.

They do a Ft. Sumter tour, visit a plantation, and go the Battery, and think they’ve seen Charleston.

My goal is to get you to see beyond the obvious attractions in the city, dig beneath the surface, and find Charleston’s soul.


Hi. I’m Kevin McQuade!

I am an award-winning concierge that has spent two decades advising guests in how to see the real Charleston.

Serving as a renown hotel concierge and Charleston, SC travel agent, it would be my pleasure to help you plan an unforgettable trip to the Lowcountry.

Online Reviews Are Not Customized to You

You spend hours researching your weekend trip to Charleston, SC—-where the best plantation tours in Charleston, SC are, the best walking tours in Charleston, SC are—-only to be disappointed later.

While it may be the perfect choice for your friends or neighbors, the real question is…….is it the right choice for YOU?

That’s where I come in.

Unlike the Internet, I take the time to ask you questions to find out who you are and what you’re like so your restaurants and tours are customized to YOU.


How Will I Enhance Your Trip?

As a concierge at Secret Charleston, I get asked alot, “How will hiring you enhance my weekend trip to Charleston, SC?”

I understand why people are skeptical. I get it.

It’s because time and again you’ve asked the concierge for “authentic and local” and instead you get “tourist-friendly.”

But you no longer want to go where the masses go. You want to be surrounded by locals, not tourists.

It’s the typical touristy manufactured experience that will keep you from really seeing Charleston’s hidden secrets.

I suggest authentic, real places where the tourist masses haven’t found yet. You’ll visit places so off the beaten track that even your friends who’ve lived here for 20 years won’t know about them!

Experience Charleston like a TRAVELER, not like a TOURIST


Traveling To Charleston SC Has Never Been So Easy



This is where the magic happens—-you get to tell me your interests and preferences. I will ask you many laser focused questions—whether it’s a couples trip to Charleston SC or a Charlesoton, SC family vacation—-to really understand what your party wants out of your experience. I will then give you all sorts of Charleston vacation ideas you didn’t even know existed!



Unlike any concierge service you have ever experienced, the itinerary is full of the best Charleston, SC tours, the best plantation tours in Charleston, SC tours, the best restaurants, and everything in between.

Charleston Trip Planner


Once approved, I will schedule all your Charleston, SC tours, the best plantation tours in Charleston, SC as well as reserve all your restaurants. I will then send you a packet full of custom maps and instructions to ensure you have everything you need prior to your arrival.

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No stress trying to find Charleston vacation ideas everyone in your party will enjoy for your Charleston, SC family vacation. No worrying about not being able to book your first choice restaurant for your couples trip to Charleston, SC. All you have to do is show up ready to enjoy beautiful Charleston, SC.

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I’ll Tell You What To Do, What Not To Do, and What You’re Missing.

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