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About Kevin McQuade

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I truly LOVE being a concierge. If you told me that I had literally one hour to live, I would want to spend that last hour helping you plan a trip to Charleston, SC.

I have helped thousands of people find the hidden gems of Charleston, SC. I have been recognized by Fodor’s Guidebook on Charleston, and have been awarded for my excellence in my industry. With over 750 TripAdvisor reviews that mention me by name, I know how to make your Charleston trip unforgettable. If you want to find the all the reviews where I am mentioned by name, just click on the link that takes you to reviews of this Marriott and type in “Kevin” in the search bar.

The one I’m most proud of is when the New York Times reached out to me to get my take on how concierges stay relevant in the age of smartphones.

Before starting Secret Charleston, I was the Chief Concierge at a major hotel chain in Charleston for 18 years.

Top 10 Reasons To

Hire Kevin McQuade

To Plan Your Trip To Charleston

10. Follow the Road Less Traveled

How do you find authentic local Charleston experiences in a town swarming with tourists? I’ll tell you about amazing places so hidden and tucked away within Charleston that the staff will be SHOCKED to learn you’re a tourist!

9. “Not in Your Charleston Guidebook” Suggestions

You’re not seeking my guidance to find sights already listed in every Charleston guidebook. So I have a rule: at least 50% of my suggestions will not be able to be found in a guidebook.

8. Separating the Good Charleston Tours from the Amazing Ones

With so many tours, how can they ALL be great? Let me be your Charleston concierge. I’ve done 51 different Walking tours, 45 different Bus tours, and 12 different Black History tours. I’ll help you separate fact from fiction.

7. Find The Best Southern Food in Charleston
(Hint: It’s Not in the Tourist Zone)

When looking for regional cuisine, resisit the urge to focus exclusively on Charleston’s pricier, big-name restaurants. It was actually enslaved cooks that developed most of the recipes that became the foundation of Southern cuisine. So, for the most authentic experience, I’ll tell you the best soul food restaurants to visit in Charleston, SC.

6. Avoid The Tourist Traps and Find True Charleston

With the multitude of things to do in Charleston, trip planning isn’t just about what to do, but also about what NOT to do. I’ll stear you away from the tourist traps so that you find the essence of true Charleston.

5. Finding the Best Local Restaurants in a Tourist Town

You want to visit Charleston restaurants filled with locals in a tourist town–but do they still exist? I’ve looked hard, and I found them. They’re at the end of the unmarked country road, hidden at the back of the mysterious alley, behind the door with no sign.

4. Is it the Right Charleston Restaurant For YOU?

The Internet tells you the places with the most online buzz, but you won’t know if it’s the right choice for YOU. All my suggestions will be personalized to your individual tastes because I get to know you and your travel style.

3. My Secret Charleston Maps

My custom made maps introduce you to the “unseen Charleston” that most visitors routinely miss. With my secret Charleston maps, you will easily find incredible photo ops and mysterious secret alleys that aren’t even marked on most maps.

2. Visiting Charleston Again? No Problem.

Been to Charleston before and think you’ve seen it all? Think again. I’ll suggest so many off the beaten path places that it will reinvent the way you see Charleston and make you feel that you are only NOW seeing it for the first time.

1. Find the Hidden Soul of Historic Charleston

I won’t just tell you where to go and what to see. I’ll also tell you what you’ve overlooked–what you haven’t done–to help you find the soul of Charleston.

Bonus: Beaufort and Savannah

Are you planning on visiting Beaufort or Savannah after Charleston? I also know Beaufort and Savannah extensively. I’d be delighted to help you plan an unforgettable trip to those cities as well.

Uncover the Magic. Plan a Trip to Charleston.


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Awards and Honors


For 12 years, I was one of only five members in South Carolina to hold the prestigious keys of Les Clefs d’Or, an international organization of the world’s best hotel concierges. There are about 550 members in United States and 3.500 members in the world. 

Service Award

In a company with 23,000 employees, I was singled out as the Employee of the Year for the entire company. The Eye on Service Award is in recognition of associates who represent the company as leaders, create customer loyalty, and promote a positive workplace.

College of Charleston Logo

To give back to my community and industry, I have been a highly regarded lecturer on the concierge profession at the College of Charleston for the last decade (2007 to 2015).

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“He skillfully identified our tastes and priorities, listed a preliminary itinerary, and explained alternatives that would give us more of an authentic experience rather than just the usual tourist activities.”

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